Advertising rocks!

 This is definitely true as advertising is important for sustaining business performance, creating brand awareness; create new markets, change consumer habits and perceptions. It is a very vast field in terms of the number of media it is displayed namely print, radio, television, outdoor, web, mobile and there are separate metrics to calculate the effectiveness of each.

Advertising in print often goes to the publications that have the highest circulation in the target group of consumers and its impact on sales cannot be easily quantified and is therefore restricted as an awareness creating tool for creating a buzz about the brand as the readership is quite high as every household has the habit of buying a newspaper be it in English or in the local language. And loyalties in print take generations to change which is one big advantage.

 Metrics = Reliability

  •  With set –top boxes being made mandatory in most countries of the world, advertisers need not rely on the old people meter based TRP systems that were ineffective, prone to manipulation and provided data about a very small audience base.
  • Now with the digital set top boxes in place, they can get a precise idea about the viewing habits of all socio-economic classes and deliver customized messaging that can capture the attention of users and help brands find a niche audience for their products and sell tailor-made products to these elite class of individuals.
  • Metrics in radio are relatively less defined and how many listeners actually heard a programme is tough to estimate accurately but no such problem exists in the web and mobile world where analytical tools embedded in the code of the website can track all the activity happening on these browsers, be it on the desktop or on a smart-phone browser.
  • It is this measurability that has helped digital emerge as the preferred medium of advertising as marketers get to know exactly where the advertising dollars are being spent and can direct their spends in the right direction.

Digital = Profitable

  •  Empirical evidence has shown that the spends made in digital advertising yield the highest ROI as compared to traditional media and even the campaigns can be started with as slim a budget as a few cents per day.
  • Something that will be a joke amongst traditional advertisers and the kind of response you will get will stun you as the digital medium targets users from a pre-defined geographical location and you will have be thrilled by the interest being shown by local users to whom you can serve at a lower cost as compared to customers located faraway.

You can even get the best of corporate and institutional buyers by using email marketing campaigns targeted at CXO’s that elicit the right kind of response from users. For a marketer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing his campaign gets huge responses and that too at pennies to the dollar. This is the most exciting thing about advertising that has gripped marketers in the 21st century and more advancements are underway in this field.