Social Media Marketing: Mining the database of intentions to full effect!

 Weird as it may sound, but in reality social media is the real repository of intentions that needs to be mined to the last minute in order to generate more leads and gain more customers. In today’s forever connected and forever sharing universe, huge amounts of data is being generated through clickstreams of information that are being analysed by the people who run social media sites and social search engines.

 Social media: Redefining viral marketing

Viral marketing is basically an electronic manifestation of word of mouth marketing that has got a high potential vehicle in the form of social media. Earlier when the web was launched, there was only one-way or flow of information from the brand to the users. With web 2.0 technologies coming into the arena ten years back, it kick-started two-way communication between the brands and users and disrupted the business landscape for all times to come.

 The inside story of how social media evangelists work!

  •  Understanding how search technology really works and using targeted advertising to full effect, one can really build enduring brands on social media at a fraction of the cost it takes to does so in the offline space.
  • Measurability offered by social media channels is far superior to what print, radio, TV or outdoor campaigns can offer and this is what swings the balance in favour of digital that is now the defining medium of advertising for small and medium enterprises.

Get the top-of-the line customers with social media

  • Large public outreach campaigns where a product has to be physically demonstrated and tested with a live audience still use traditional media. But if you are talking about catering to a niche audience that is literate, uses internet heavily and has high disposable incomes, their first stop is the internet to get opinion before a purchase and compare products.
  • This is where digital marketing kicks in and causes the much needed swing in the favour of the brand that has a sound online reputation.

Measuring your campaigns

  • Social media is about reach and engagement. Both reach and engagement together go towards making a brand and increasing your clout amongst advertisers. It tells advertisers that what you communicate actually is heard by customers and they are most likely to make a buying decision based on your recommendation.
  •  In short, you become an influencer and the biggest advantage with online consumers is that they have a strong intent to make a purchase. This is reflected in the success of e-commerce companies that use social media, and digital marketing heavily to sell their products. And have received billions of dollars in funding based on the robustness of your business model.
  •  Understanding the past, present and future of social media, search technology will give you an insight into how people search and how to get them to your site. It is also related in a big way to how people learn and communicate through natural language processing and algorithms will be written in future keeping these metrics in mind. Social is the future of marketing and the future of business is digital.